Shire device

The Heraldry of the Shire of Vilku Urvas

Here you will see the devices and badges for the various members of our Shire.

Tatiana of Varena Per fess inverted gules and vert a sea-unicorn rampant tail mowed and in chief two recorders in chevron Or. Registered Device
Nikolai of Trakai Per pall vert, Or, and gules, in pale a spired tower argent and two arrows inverted in saltire counterchanged Registered Device
Talon Ravenesclawe Per pall Or, gules, vert in pale a claw to sinister gules and two arrows in saltire Or Registered Device
Olaf Skytja Per pale sable and Or, three pheons inverted counterchanged Registered Device
Anna Donnelly Per chevron argent and gules, two roses and a unicorn's head couped counterchanged Registered Device
Nikolai of Trakai (Fieldless) Two arrows inverted in saltire Or surmounted by a spired tower argent roofed of wooden shingles proper Registered Badge
Olaf Skytja Sable, in annulo five pheons points to center Or. Registered Badge
Nikolai of Trakai (Fieldless) A doubled cross vert Registered Badge

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