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Members of the Shire of Vilku Urvas

  Name Persona Contact Info Interests Awards
Lady Tatiana of Varena (Denise Plonis) 14th Century Lady-in-Waiting to the Grand Duchess Birute of Lithuania. service; lucet; sewing; amber; wench persona development; dance; embroidery; research; AOA; Scroll of Honor; Purple Fret (Midrealm award); Cygnus
Lord Nikolai of Trakai (Tim Plonis) 14th Century Lithuanian Cossack in the personal guard of Grand Duke Vytautas Lithuania; research; archery; Chirugeon

AOA; Purple Fret (Midrealm Award); Master (Mentor) Chirurgeon; Cygnus, Black Bolt

Lord Talon Ravenesclawe (Talon Plonis) cossack archery; fletching ; wood working; Dragon's Treasure (Midrealm Award); Award of the Compass; AOA , Black Bolt
The Honorable Lady Aveline DeMarc (Krista Stafsholt) Early 16th century camp follower (cook), wife of a soldier on campaign sewing; cooking; wench persona development AOA; Cygnus; Order of Bridget's Flame
James the Younger of Vilku Urvas (Jimmy Stafsholt)   see Lady Aveline or Lord Marcus  
Lord Olaf Skytja leather working; wood working; metal wooking; fencing; armored combat; archery AOA; Scroll of Honor; Purple Fret (Midrealm Award); Cygnus
Lady Anna Donnelly (Leann Stafsholt) later period English beading; embroidery; quilting; rapier AOA; Purple Fret (Midrealm Award); Cygnus
Lady Ciera verch Myrddin dhu (Diane Colvin) 13th century Persian sewing; beading; medieval history; illumination AOA; Cygnus
Lady AEsa Hauksdottir (Shannon Tippetts) 9th Century Norse sewing; research, chainmail AOA
  Thorvarr Ivarsson norse see Lady AEsa boffer  
Lord Marcus Wulf (Shawn Stafsholt) armor making; heavy weapons; AOA; Cygnus
Ragnar the Red (Gene Roth) heavy weapons, research
Lord Silvanus (Dave Stafsholt) mid-period Viking   archery, AOA
Bree of Vilku Urvas (Felicity Olson) Irish   sewing; drawing; embroidery AOA
Elizabeth of Vilku Urvas (Elizabeth Olson) sewing;  
Lord Bjor Veidhinn (Mark Johnson) Viking heavy weapons; chainmail; armoring; leatherworking AOA
Svanna (Linda Roth) cooking, research,
Konstantinos Kamateros (Gunner Graber) Teutonic Knight   heavy weapons AOA

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